Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tool case and Art Quilt study group

A couple of weeks ago a friend gave me a pattern kit for a travel case for sewing items.  When sorting and putting things away a few days ago, I found it under a stack of fabric.  I figured I should make it up to have to take to workshops and Bee nights.  She had included some fabric, batting, and velcro.
It made up quick and turned out nice.
I must admit I made a couple of changes to the pattern.   Instead of making four vertical pockets across, I only did three.   I left the middle pocket larger to get my snips and rotary cutter in.  I also made the fold over flap about 2 inches longer to be sure my small cutting  mat would fit in the back pocket.
The overall size when finished is 7 inches by 19 inches.
I did just a bit of quilting on the fold over portion.
Great gift...thanks, Deb.
A new activity was announced at our guild meeting last Art Quilt study group.  I said sign me up, of course.  We are going to work our way through the book,  Art Quilt Workbook, meeting once a month to discuss each technique.  Then we are to create a project---small probably 9" by 12"---using the technique.   And now I am thinking, "What was I thinking?   I already have 2 challenges to do along with the current quilts. And 2 on-line classes I have signed up for."   But  I am committed to try it, and it should be fun.  Maybe I can figure out how to combine a couple of things.
And the best news is that our guild program next month is Leah from 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting!!  Woo-hoo.....I am  so excited about that and really looking forward to her program. 
And this is just January and I feel my calendar is packed.  It should be a great year!


Elin said...

Awesome! You can do it - and it WILL be fun!!!

Debbie said...

Wow, your encouragement is just what I need. Thanks for stopping by.

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