Friday, August 13, 2010

Blooming 9 patch begins

I spent yesterday  logging in quilt show entries, and entering the descriptions for the show program.   This is the second year I have  done the registration, and even though it is fun, I won't volunteer to do this again next year.  I think someone else should have the "pleasure" of this job!

The blooming 9 patch is the next quilt project on my list.  It has been simmering for a while on the edge of my mind, naturally, since I love blending fabrics and traditional patterns. I have seen several of these quilts in shows and magazines, some more appealing to me than others.  I took some time to analyze why I liked some and not others before I even started one.      So exactly what is a blooming 9 patch?

The anatomy:  The design develops from the simple nine patch block made of 2 fabrics that is set on point and alternated with a large square of  one of the fabrics in the nine patch.  The design radiates from the center out.  The progression from the center out can be light to medium to dark, or even dark to light to medium.  A different layout will result in a very different overall effect. 
     This fits well with my philosophy of easy pattern and let the fabric do the work.  I know I want to create a watercolor effect in this one. 

The "blooming" part:  Floral prints give this pattern the name of blooming.  Floral prints of different size (large and small)  are easily blended together for a pleasing effect.  Ideally, each step in the progression will have a large print and a small print that work together.  
     This is why I liked some quilts in this pattern and not others.  The fabrics did not blend and seemed to jump and stand out in odd places.  I like the English country garden effect that blends, not a desert style garden with a few plants against the earth or rock.    So fabric selection was important.

Fabric selection:  I decided to make a lap size quilt, so I only needed 6 to 8  fabrics.  It took a while to whittle down my choices---since I have a large floral stash.  But it was made a bit easier because  I needed yardage for the darker (which will be the outer rounds on mine)  9 patches and setting triangles.
Here's my initial selection of fabrics.  Just taking a photo and viewing on the computer lets me see the blending.  I am going to add one more light---the very lightest that will be in the center 9 patch blocks. 
There are 2 fabrics--number 4 and 5--the dark backgrounds with large blooms that will be used interchangeably.  Huh?  Big word to say that I don't have enough of either one to make all the required 9 patch blocks, so I will mix them up to get enough strips for the blocks.  They are of the same value and print size, so that when cut and used in the blocks, the difference will not be noticed.  And if they are, I will just say I planned it that way. 
Ok, off to cut 2 1/2 inch strips and setting squares.  Happy stitching. 

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Béa said...

Blooming 9patch is a project I have in mind for long time.
I can't wait to see more of yours !

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