Saturday, August 21, 2010

In the garden

Finally I know Fall is just around the corner.....because she is back.  For the last three years we have seen the giant webs and watched the Writing Spider spin her creation  among the plants near the back walk.  This year the web is stretched from the Black Pine to the catmint and lavender.  You can see the giant X her legs create as she works on the writing.   The white writing stands out against the pine needles. 
This is a side view can see how huge she is.    We were cleaning up the back porch and trimming and cutting a few things back this morning when Russ spotted the writing.  We decided to give her a wide berth.  I had a severe reaction to a spider bite last year and even though the bite is not suppose to be poisonous, I chose not to take any chances. 
I finished up the 9 patch blocks and cut the extra triangles for the blooming 9 patch.  Time now to begin the block to block and then row to row construction.  Happy stitching. 

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