Saturday, August 7, 2010

Odds and Ends

There's a wonderful tutorial on creating fabric gradations on  Quilt Rat blog.  Last week Jill did cobalt blue and we exchanged comments about it.  Today she has posted a full tutorial on her method in orange  gradations.  She uses setacolor paints and very hi-tech equipment---plastic cake lid, popsicle sticks, plastic trash bag---just the items I have used before too.  Check out her blog and wonderful doodles, too.

It was marvelous to spend a few hours with Pat, Jan and Donn.  Pat and I have been friends since elementary school and then shared an apartment in Orlando after we graduated from college.  We haven't seen each other in 30 years, only keeping up with each other through letters, photos, and phone calls over the years.  I attribute my list making skills to her, and she says she now reads a lot.  For a few minutes we were 20 again and  remembering our antics.  Of course, we embarrassed Jan  in the diner with our hoots and cackles---just like old times. 
InsightTrue friends are priceless.  They love you for who you are and where you are.  Treasure them.
The label for the AK quilt is printed, the quilting is done, and only the binding remains.  Photo in a day or so.
  Remember the Giveaway is tomorrow.    Now I am off to bake bread.
Happy stitching.

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