Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trapunto, anyone?

I added a few details to the waterfall and frog wall hanging and began stitching down the stems.  For the stems I used 1/2 inch bias strips and a buttonhole stitch on the machine.
When I got to the leaves, I decided to try some trapunto on them.  I learned the technique at a workshop with Leah Day.  It's very simple and I was doing raw edge applique anyway.  So before stitching the leaves on I placed a piece of scrap batting behind the leaf and pinned it in place.  Then from the front I stitched through the leaf, the background fabric and the batting.  The photo shows the stitching from the back.  The next step is to cut away the excess batting, so that only the leaf shape has batting behind it.
Tip:  When cutting the excess away, keep your scissors parallel and flat to the background fabric to avoid a disaster of snipping thru the front fabric.  The stuffed effect is seen  when the entire piece is batted and quilted-- the trapunto shapes will stand out.
The thread painted frog got the trapunto treatment too, but not the rocks.  The top rock that he is sitting on has a turned under edge and  is blind hem stitched down.  The turned under edge style applique gives the illusion of being on top, so I didn't think it needed trapunto too.  The other 2 rocks are stitched down with a decorative satin stitch because they were raw edged and not fused. They will have a flatter appearance and hopefully recede.  At least that is what I am trying for. 
I have a few more leaves to do and then some snipping, and a little shading with the pencils before I am ready to quilt this.

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