Thursday, October 7, 2010

Piecing the mountains

I started piecing the project on the design sections.  The overall quilt could be completely pieced in rows going across since that is how I put it up on the design wall.  But after studying it a while, I realized that the most important part of the design element needed to be precise.  And that means the dark mountain shapes need to have very straight sides---accurate piecing of those 45 degree angles. 
So I am working in jig-saw puzzle style, first stitching the mountains together.  I remove the pieces of the mountain to a portable design board, go to the machine and join all the pieces in each row, and then join the darks together row by row.  Next I straighten the sides making sure I have a good 45 degree angle.    I repeat the process for the light section that attaches to it.  Then join the dark to the light.
 You can see already how much it is beginning to "shrink" down with all the seams added.  Not a problem.....have an idea to work on for the border.
There are going to be a few odd points where I need to use partial seams to get things together this way, but so part so good.
  Note on the blooming 9 patch.....Wanda at Exhuberant Color commented that the black and white layout was from a new book.  She sent me the info...."Radiant Sunshine and Shadow" by Helen Frost.  Thanks, Wanda.


Mary Lou Casada said...

Deb, I know now what your piece reminds me of! As a kid I loved the Childhood of Famous Americans book about Katherine Lee Bates and her song "America the Beautiful." These are the words your mountains invoke in me:
O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!

Mary Lou

Cheryl said...

Looking so good ,I know it has to be harder to match up this way, but it also looks fun .

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