Thursday, October 28, 2010

Small Landscapes are addicting!

The first practice piece  is now ready to finish off.  I am just turning the border to the back and stitching it in place rather than a full binding.  Looking at it now, I wish I had extended the base of the  tree into the border.  I'll try to remember that for another one.

I put together the Spring scene yesterday and added the details this morning.  One thing I did differently this time was to use a piece of muslin as a base to work on. I cut base  fabric 7" by 10".   I  just top stitched the pieces to the base.   I don't like the striped fabric....instead of looking like a plowed field, it looks like a road!  And I think the golden piece should have had a flatter curve.  The little fence worked great, even if the tiny sticks were a pain to work with.  I cheated and  used Pigma pens  to add shadows at the base of them,  and for the details on the lighthouse.
Then I pulled fabrics out for the Summer.  I decided that the sky was too stormy looking for a summer day and switched it to a lighter blue.  Matter of fact, I switched most of them and added water after all.   I'm not sure what details I will go back and add to this one.... maybe a boat on the lake, or a tree overhanging from the border once it is attached.  I ended with the road/path at the bottom, like you are over looking the whole scene.    

So exactly what have I learned from doing this practice..........
I need a base fabric to sew on.  It keeps the top fabric from shifting so much.
    Study photos for shading in the landscape.
    Add details, it gives the scene  life.
    These things are can't make just one!
    And I need a new camera.  Mine died while trying to take these photos.  Or else I need to learn how to use Russ' better!

Tomorrow the Blogger's Quilt festival begins......

Happy Stitching....Debbie


shannon said...

i like them! my favorite is the summer one...the first one reminds me of home (blue ridge mountains)

thanks for sharing!

Dolores said...

No, no, no, don't hate the striped fabric. It is perfect. It does look like a road and beside roads are farmers' fields with fences.

Cheryl said...

These are good but I love the last one the best ,the other one with the stripe ...yes it does sort of look like a road and I love the fence , when I do my landscapes, I alweays have a tree or leaves or a bush overlapping the boarder I think you can still do that witht his one .

Delia (Del) said...

Delores these are wonderful. I can't wait to get back into my little treasures.

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