Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 4 Cabin Fever

I am so over the "oh, snow is so pretty".  This is what we are dealing with on Day shards!  And everything is still covered.  No more snow, for me.  I may have to become a Florida snowbird next year.   Forgive my rant, as cabin fever has set in. 
   Tomorrow I am breaking out of here, and heading for groceries.....I need some chocolate!

Enough about some color?  
 I worked on an on-going, put aside project.....
the batik cobblestones.  I got  a stack them  pressed today and started trimming them to a couple of consistent sizes.   I love the way the batiks blend and the colors work together.  And these are from leftovers and scraps from projects.  I haven't cut strips from my stash at all for these, and the box is still about 1/2 of the box  full.  So I have lots more to put together. 
 Happy stitching.

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

Debbie you are more than welcome to come to Florida ,we have the cold spells, but no snow ,at least we haven't had any since 1977 and my son was 2 weeks old .
I was going to work on quilts too, but my DIL gave me a alteration project that I just as soon throw out the door ! LOL she is going to be in a wedding, so Iam haveing to make 2 small dresses bigger ! UGH!!

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