Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Exploring Texture-- Journal quilt project

Texture....exactly what do I mean?  I know that  when I run my hand across a polished wood surface, it feels smooth, and a tree trunk is usually  rough and bumpy, and  my velour robe is soft.  So it seems I am referring to the tactile quality of the object.    The quilting stitches will produce texture, especially if the stitching is dense.  So my question was how else can I convey texture.   
   Fabric selection is one way to introduce texture.  And the fabric that came to mind was not a fabric I would select for a quilt.  But it already had texture stitched into is pin tucked and embroidered, and beautiful  aqua blue color.  I only had small pieces given to me by Deana, so I squared up some edges and sewed them together to get a big enough piece for the background.
   Second thought was contrast.  I needed to have something smooth to contrast with the background.   Flipping through my sketchbook, I found a drawing of a seashell--round, smooth, and shiny.  The seashell would be the smooth.  So I sketched out a larger one onto freezer paper to use for a pattern.  I pulled out my book of color and found a suggested palette for the aqua.   I  decided to take the plunge and use the colors suggested  selected fabrics some bright fabrics.  These are not colors I would have normally picked for this, but hey, it's a journal project.  So why not?     
   Then more texture.....
   I lightly fused the shell pieces to the background.  ( Lightly fused?   My cheater method for quick applique fusing---instead of fusing the entire piece I just use a small square or strip of the fusible on the back of each applique piece.  I only do this when I plan on satin stitching  to cover the edges. :)
I chose a shiny silver rayon thread for the satin stitching for the seashell.  I decided to trapunto the shell, so I stitched thru the 3 layers ---batting, background,  and applique.  And then I cut away the extra batting around the seashell at the stitching, leaving the batting behind the applique.    Then did some quilting lines and ended up adding some cording, like seaweed strands. 
   The tactile sense is smooth and rough and I talked about.  In the photo the visual sense of texture is not as strong.  But the colors-----I love them together.   I even think they add texture because I want to touch them. 

InsightUse the tools (books) I have.  I bought them for a reason---to learn from them.  Just like everything else in life,  live and learn!
So that's Journal Quilt Challenge #3.  I used  scraps, sketchbook ideas, but alas no thread painting this week.  So next week for sure....some thread painting.
Happy stitching,

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juanita said...

Hi Debbie
I love your eagerness to try new ideas and challenges and share them with us all. Great result! I loved your zentangle in your earlier post too. My fibre arts group just had a zentangle challenge and it's on my 'to do' list to try one.

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