Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fiddle-de-dee--journal challenge

Looking at the zentangle doodles in my sketch book, I realized that I had fabric that was full of this type of graphics.  So for this journal quilt challenge project,  I thought I would try zens in fabric. 

Here are the basic steps I used for this journal quilt project that I am calling Fiddle-de-dee.
Design drawn on paper...numbered each section ...then traced to freezer paper and cut out.
To the stash closet for fabrics.  I selected about a dozen black and white graphic style prints.  I cut a hunk and fused  heat and bond lite to the back of each.  Don't remove the paper backing yet. 
To the  front of the fabric I pressed the freezer paper pattern to the fabric.  By working from the front, I was able to pick and choose the placement to get the print of the graphic that I wanted.  Cut out each piece and removed the paper backing from the fused side. 

   I used two fabrics that I had dyed this summer for the background.  Well, actually, these 2 pieces were the "clean up rags", the ones I used to wipe out the containers when I finished dying.  Look close you can see some splotches.   Once I rinsed them out and let them dry, I was delighted with the colors!  I think that is called serendipity.  Anyway, the blue just wasn't big enough, so I added the minty green on 2 sides to get the size I needed. 
   I then fused all the pieces in order  to the background.   I decided to not use a binding on this, rather to finish it off envelope style.  I layered the batting on bottom with the backing face up and then the front, face down.  I stitched around all sides, leaving an opening on one side about 3-4 inches wide.  I trimmed the batting away from the seam line all the way around---very carefully.  Then the whole thing way turned inside out and pressed. 
   Stitch and quilt----I used a narrow zigzag stitch around all the fused pieces.  I wanted a black outline like  a drawing.    This whole thing was fun.  I could get hooked on doing this.
Check out the link to the Journal Quilt Challenge and view the projects on the flickr page.  They are really great.

A big thanks to Jill at the Quilt Rat for her inspiration.
Check out her blog and be inspired.

Unfortunately, I didn't use up stash strips as planned, I only created more!!  But, I did work from my sketchbook on this---one out of three on this one. 

Happy stitching,


  1. I Absolutely LOVE seeing this go from the basic sketch to the finished is Fantastic!

  2. Your quilt is so interesting. I love the entire concept~sketch to finished piece. Black and white theme as well as zentangles!

  3. I like this idea. I took an art quilt course and did a curved/butterfly/shell type of quilt top from a sketch.
    I am still working on the top part of mine at the moment with the embellishments. I don't have a darning foot so it is taking time to get back to it. The free motion I did during the class I used the instructors machine. I love free motion but my good machine is not working at the moment and it is the one with the darning foot.
    I have a picture of mine on my blog.
    I think I would like to try something like yours sometime too. Thanks for sharing.
    :)Carol near Calgary, Alberta


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