Sunday, January 9, 2011

New challenge...Journal quilts

I ran across the 2011 Journal Quilt Challenge from 3creative studios---see the button on the side bar.  Since I enjoyed working through the Art Quilt Workbook last year, I decided to try this---- for a little while at least.  No rules, no pressure, just encouragement and inspiration.  A good way to try techniques and use up some of those multiplying strips.
  So I decided on a few guidelines for me.  First....use up strips and leftover blocks.  Second....more thread painting.  Third....Try different techniques using some of my sketch ideas.   
   OK, so here is what I created for this first one.    I found the three flying geese blocks pinned to a corner of the design wall.  They are leftovers from the AK quilt.  Since they were all in blue, I decided to stay monochromatic, which is my least favorite way to work.  I used up a few 2" strips to put them together---with no direction in mind because I am not sure where I am going with this!  It is still unbound until I run across some strips that I can use.  
And it says cold...icy cold and that's our forecast for this week with lots of snow predicted beginning tonight.  

Insight:   I need to push my limits and get out of my comfort zone.
It's a new year, time to try new things.
Happy stitching.

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