Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Organization....what was I thinking?

    Last Spring I did a "re-do" on my fabric stash closet.  A very needed chore, and I have managed to keep it maintained.  So I mentioned that I was going to organize my mountain of paper---magazine tear outs and such.    Did I really think  that 4 portfolios would hold all  the saved tear outs and copies I had made of projects?   Needless to say,  the intent was good, but reality was overwhelming.  Do you know how many ways there are to make flying geese.....I found 5 different techniques in my stack of pages, and I really only use one.  Articles on blocks, piecing techniques, quilts of all sizes, small projects, art quilts, and just plain inspiration ones are now sorted---well, kind of sorted---into categories.  Some things are just hard to place. 

    The good news is I found of couple of very useful things.  One is a tip on facing a quilt edge rather than binding...especially good for curved and pointed edges.   My pattern for the thread catcher bag was unearthed.   I found a really great article on "multi-fabric" quilts---not just scrap quilts---that  is really a better description of what I like.  
    So my tip to share today is is for an alternative for a sleeve for small quilts, like the landscapes.   Cut 2 squares at 3" to 4".  Fold each square in half diagonally with the wrong sides together.  Place one folded triangle at the upper corner of the small quilt, matching the raw edges.  Baste or pin the place.  Then attach binding as you usually do.  When finished binding, insert a small dowel into the corner pockets created by the triangles for hanging.  Done!
  Off to finish binding the small landscapes----after I add corner triangles.
Happy stitching,


Marié said...

Hi Debbie will you please give the reference for the multi-fabric quilts- I go by Jinny Beyer's definition- this is the type of quilts I make as well.

Carol said...

Mmmmm ..... It's almost worth undoing some bindings a bit to insert the triangle corners :)

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