Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Over and Under technique

  This may appear more complicated than it is. 
There are only 4 blocks to this Over and Under wall hanging/small quilt.  
  This was an on-line class from learningfa yahoo group.  You begin with a large square that you fold and slice into sections.  Then you reassemble it by inserting the color strips.  Next is a second set of slices and more strips to insert.  The instructions were excellent, or I would not have even attempted it. 
   I haven't joined the blocks  together yet because I can't decide on the center formation.  Depending on how you rotate the blocks, the color formation changes.  I also need to decide on the border---narrow, wide, or pieced.  So it will probably just hang around for a few days while I mull it over. 
    I spent sometime sketching ideas for the Journal Quilt Challenge.  I really am enjoying pushing myself to do this.  
Insight:   I have made a course correction in my purpose.  I am not sticking to a theme but rather want to focus on techniques.    That way at the end of the year----or when ever I stop/quit/move on----I will have a large collection for reference of ideas and different ways to achieve them.    That gives me the freedom to   "re-visit" a design I like and try it a different way, or use a different color combination.    No rules  to break, just techniques to try and learn.    So this week I am looking at texture.  I have some scraps from Deana that might just make an interesting background.  I'm off to dig them out of the scrap box.
Happy stitching,


Mary said...

This is a really interesting design, Debbie. Nice job.

Carol said...

Look great. I just printed out the instructions and have to decide which fabrics I want to use.

Anonymous said...

I like your colors, have you done any more on it??

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