Saturday, January 22, 2011

Playing with EQ7

I've been trying to find my way around EQ7 that I got for my birthday.  There are so many tutorials included....a lot to learn/re-learn.  Anyway, I worked on a bargello style and came up with this design.  I used half drop blocks on every other row, like the Eleanor Burns technique for a Trip Around the World.  That way the bulk of intersecting seams would be less and a whole lot less matching.  I am not sure of the color combo, so I will play around some more with that, too.  The fabric swap tool makes that easy. 
  No mater what color way  I choose, I will have to have a swatch card and cutting guide for something like this.  So I created a swatch card and cutting guide  (click for the pdf version) to have for this and future projects.  The swatch card works great as "an paper brain" for any project with lots of different fabrics that need to be organized or identified.  The first time I used one was doing a TAW and then in a paper piecing class.  Now I use them all the time.    Must be showing my age to admit this!
  Tip:  From Jill at the quilt rat  a great tip on washing fabric. She had yards--meters-- to wash and wanted to avoid a tangled mess, so she accordian folded the yardage and basted across each end before washing.  Ta-da, no tangles.

  Ugh---more snow moving in.  Remember my threat:   I should be packing and heading to Florida---except I have Doctor's appointments this week---if I can get there.   Guess I will stick it out and see what happens.
Happy stitching,

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Anonymous said...

I love Bargello. You had EQ5, right? Isn't EQ7 wonderful! There are so many great features. The more you use it, the more you'll love it.

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