Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowbound and quilting

Yep, the forecast was right....snow and lots of it.  The whole place is shut down  and what am I going to do?  Guild is cancelled for tonight and so I guess I will...... Quilt those projects!

I love the look of mosaics.  So this was just a fun experiment to see what I came up with.  Click here for the first post about this project.
Lots of stitching to finish up this one.  Quilting on the center portion was done by a simple outline around each piece.  I added the accent strip as suggested by Eileen before the purple border, which I quilted with "mctavishing" style  texture.  Good practice, and I am improving finally with this style. 

I had the 3-D bow tie quilt  pinned, so I put in some more practice on it.  I used different motifs of quilting in the center area created by the bow ties.  I practiced hearts, and leaves---stacked and packed together, and lots of swirly designs.    Here are just a couple of them.  I have lots of threads to hide and the binding to do yet. 

The snow is still coming down and  we are expecting sleet and freezing rain tonight.  It is going to be a very long week of this.   

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