Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Using up those strips

It's Day 3 after the big snow, and the sun finally is out.  How wonderful to see the brightness, and some melting.  I decided to take photos on the porch of the two I got quilted.  One is a smaller scrap basket weave and the 3-D Bow Tie.  You can tell how bright the sun is from these.   Just the bindings to add now.

I put together about 15 rows of strips yesterday from my scrap boxes.  I didn't have a design for the layout, just thought I would see what happened.  I had a lot more light and medium blues and greens than dark fabrics.  That surprised me. 
  Anyway, I sort of strung the lights and mediums together by value without being too selective  as I stitched.  Then I did the same for the darks and a few mediums.  Once I pressed the rows, they went up onto the design wall.  When I stepped back to see what I had to work with.....this is pretty much (I only switched two rows) what I had.  I actually like will make a perfect background for some sort of applique.  I think I can get a few more rows of mainly darks and medium from the scrap boxes.  Right now this is 60" long and 32" wide.
  Anyone else doing the journal quilt challenge?  I have been thinking about the one for next week.  I went through my sketch book looking for an inspiration.  I came up with 2.....playing with shadows and zentangles. 
Till then, happy stitching.

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