Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blended floral--part II

  On the stitching front, I have about 20 blocks done for the blended floral project, and a wound in my leg, and a cold in my head.  This is about day 2 of the cold, so I have a few more days to get thru with it.
   The wound in my leg -- 1/2" long and deep....accidents happen and it really scared me.  I was stopping for the evening and went to push my work table away.  I bumped the table and my sleeve brushed my small scissors off the edge of the table.  The scissors went point down right into the fleshy ( OK, the fat part, thankfully) part of my  inner thigh.  When I looked down, the scissors were just sticking out of my leg.  It happened so fast, I was stunned.  But pressure stopped the bleeding, and then lots of alcohol and betadine to clean it up.
   InsightScissors have sharp points and they penetrate skin easily.    I think I will look for a pair of blunt nose scissors, as I am so clumsy.   That's why, years ago,  I bought the rotary cutter that has the safety/automatic closure.  I release it and it closes shut. 

   So,  I trimmed up the  20 quarter log cabin blocks and put them on the design wall to see how it looks.  Yes, this is going to work for me!     I was concerned that the mixed sizes of strips would be obvious, or some areas would look odd.    But it blends and looks really good.   If you squint when you look at this, you get a better idea of how it really looks.  This won't be the final arrangement and another 20 or 30 blocks will make a huge difference.  I  really want to play with the  light and shadow  in  this. 
  Wanda said my multiplying strips were really "the fluff" factor.  I know she is right, but even another 30 blocks will not make a dent in my pile of floral strips.  I might need to make 2 of these quilts.
   Happy stitching.

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Cheryl said...

Wow ! about the wound from the scissors! Glad it did not go deeper or do more damage ,I too am clumsy at times and have had several really close accidents , I am forever hurting my left foot , about 4 years ago I was helping my husband with copper from a mower part where the copper was wrapped and we was trying to unwrap it then the whole thing fell on my left foot ,it must have weighted a good 50 lbs and it hit hard ! I fractured a bone and it took a long time to heal and I still hit it every now and then.

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