Thursday, February 10, 2011

Details to the window box

The quilting is done on the braid.  Here is a photo of the loose meandering swirl that I used.   Now just to get it bound and labeled.  

Back to the window box:   The seams are sewn and now for the details.  I auditioned fabric for the window sash and the shadow on the window frame, and came up with a couple of  rusty  brown fabrics that worked.  I put fusible on the backs and cut a few narrow strips.
  Now to find some leaves, small blossoms to fuse in areas where there is a hard line that needs to be softened.  The overall point is to fool the eye and make it appear natural.  Remember nature abhors straight lines.  While digging through the stash I found a perfect feature "to perch " on the a vine by the window sill.  Look close and you can also spot a couple of blossoms and leaves that were fused and stitched on too,  to soften a hard line.   

A new favorite:  Stitching while watching recorded shows of American Pickers on History Channel.  These guys are a hoot, but I adored Dani--and all her tats.  She keeps them going...girls rule!

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