Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do strips multiply?

    Every time I look at the box of floral strips, it seems to have grown.  When I began piecing the quarter log cabin blocks, I was sure the box was only about 2/3's full and now it is overflowing.  Does that ever happen to anyone else?   Do strips in your stash have babies, too?
  Anyway, it has caused me to stop and rethink this blended floral project.  I began with a plan to make quarter log cabin blocks with mixed sizes of strips and planned on a 7 inch block size.  I have made about 10 blocks and realize I like the effect so far.   Nice ........but I really, really need to use/reduce the number of  these strips  that are multiplying faster than I can sew.    So I plan to increase the block size to 9 inches.  I need to add an extra round to the blocks I have made so far.   So guess what I'll be doing tonight ;)

Update on the English window box......
 I got the borders added to the English window box and it is ready to be quilted.  I plan on adding more details when I get it under the needle with a bit of thread painted stems and vines.....so no photo yet.

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Exuberant Color said...

I think it is the 'fluff' factor. I can never get all of the strips back into the same box they came out of, even after I used some of them.

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