Thursday, February 17, 2011

The English Window

    Finally, I got this one finished!  You would think I would have gotten more done, since I've been home with this vertigo.  For some reason, I only feel half as productive.  Today was a good day and I did get this quilted. 
   I ended up using the blue print for the border because it made the blue flowers  in the window box "pop".   It was my first choice, but I did audition a red, a brown, and a rusty tone.....none of them worked and seemed to be more of a distraction overall. 
   It is time to begin Justin's quilt for his graduation.  So I will begin cutting tomorrow.  His choice is  simple--- squares with a prairie point style border.  He just wants it BIG.  That shouldn't be a problem....I have a big stash to use.

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