Monday, February 14, 2011

Higher Hope

The scrappy braid has been hanging around since
January, waiting to be finished.  It is now bound --with lots of left over strips---and labeled, as
Higher Hope.   It was so beautiful outside this morning, I just threw the quilt over the bench on the porch for a quick photo.  Click here for a full photo. from an earlier post.   This one is staying here....I have claimed it.  I love how the bands of color float on the black background.   It ends pointing up to my higher hope, a good reminder of where my mind needs to rest.   


     I am part of the meal team at church and one of our members is doing a free seminar for us.  She is known as the Clever Coupon Chick.  So while I was printing up the label for the quilt, I decided to do a quick graphic for a  mug rug for her.  I just printed it on Printed Treasures and cut it out to feature. 

One final thing..... Insight Clean your machine....inside and out.  I removed the bottom cover of my machine and yuck!  No wonder it was running heavy and would skip once in a while.  Lots and lots of lint and batting fuzz.  Russ helped me get it all out and then oiled the wicks for me.  She runs and sounds so much better. 
Happy stitching.


Ivory Spring said...


That quilt is FABULOUS!!!! Thanks for sharing the cookie recipe. It's on my list of goodies to make since my husband will have a four day weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the braid quilt. Anything with black appeals to me.

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