Friday, February 11, 2011

Journal Quilt 7

    Believe me, this journal quilt is not what I had envisioned from my sketch.  This one got away from me, and became a force to itself, or rather an expression of what I have been fighting for a few weeks.  The edges are crooked, the lines skewed and shadows shifted..... and it is hard to look at for long.  So if you leave without going further, I will understand. 
    I intended to create a heart broken into puzzle pieces that were scattered and cast shadows.  But when I pulled out the black and white fabrics again, the floor moved and the room spun.  I put it away.  I decided to try again the next day, and to make it easier I just cut out hearts.  When I placed them on the red background, vertigo exploded once again.   I got the hearts fused that day, but put it away again. 
   It's a week later and the vertigo is still here.  (Yes, I have doctor appointments set up to get checked.)  And the journal project was still there too.  Yesterday, after a bad bout, I decided to tackle the project what you see is Vertigo.    Don't laugh.....okay, do laugh.  It looks better in the photo than real life.  How is that possible?    I think there is a life lesson here....I'll let you know when I figure it out.   Now that this is out of my system, I promise a better journal technique next time. 
  Till then, happy stitching. 

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Exuberant Color said...

It may not have met your expectations but I see it as a really free and loose design that worked out pretty well. sometimes our pieces do take over and we have to live with them a few days to appreciate them for what they are.

I hope you find a fix for the vertigo. I know that is miserable.

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