Saturday, February 5, 2011

Revised window box

     On to the revised version.....I kept looking at what I had on the design wall and felt it was just too dark at the top.  It felt weighty and was very much like one I did before.  So off it came.   I wanted to create the image of old stone work along the top with the vine growing up one side.   I also reworked the flowers, and removed the pieces for the window box.  Russ suggested I do more of an offset design this time...hence the extra row on the right.  I think I might accent the offset with borders of different sizes too.  I can decide that later. 
   So far I am pleased with the result---just a few more tweaks in spots.    Then  to get all the pieces fused in place---before they fall off the grid.  Once the seams are sewn, I have plans to add details to the windows and such. 
  The blended braid is about half quilted---2 projects going at one  time and the sewing room is a disaster.   I need to clean up all the 2" squares so I can get back to quilting.
Happy stitching,


Colleen said...

Debbie your window box watercolor design is gorgeous. I love to see watercolor quilts but have never tried to make one. Are the assorted florals very had to find?

Anonymous said...

Yes, much better! It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
That is beautiful. You just amaze me.
Love, Doreen

Cheryl said...

Beautiful ! Can't wait to see it all finished !

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