Monday, February 7, 2011

Skeleton leaves --when I am old

   When I was playing around with thread painting a couple of weeks ago,  I did a few leaves or at least outlines of leaves.  Inpiration came when I picked up a leaf on the porch---about half of it showed only the fine web of veins.  A leaf skeleton.    I went back and heavily  stitched the outline and veins in to create skeletons of the leaves.     Once  the leaves were cut out and the solvy stabilizer was washed away, the effect was  just what I wanted. 
    I found a couple of left over 9 patch blocks to use for the background.  Boring by themselves, so  I slashed  them and mixed with a purple.  Then when I put the red leaf on the purple, all I could think about was the poem When I am old.....I shall wear a red hat with a purple dress.   LOL.  Skeleton leaves are old ones, on their last legs, so why not let them celebrate one more time. 
So  Skeleton leaves---when I am old   is  the next Journal Quilt #6 .  Techniques used....thread painting, leftover blocks, slashed, raw edge binding, and a giggle!
Happy stitching,


VivJM said...

Love that poem! Your journal quilt is great, the leaves look stunning - you have inspired me to try some thread painting for future journal quilts. And a giggle included makes for the best quilty fun :-)

Cheryl said...

Debbie ,I Love your leaves ! I need to try that agian , I did one time but did not stay with it.
I saw on my side bar where you show a picture of a Blended floral for today ,but when I click on it nothing is there ,it says there is no post to show .

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