Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Water color window box

I'm just getting a start on this window box for a wall hanging.  So I thought I would share the process along the way.
     I tacked up a huge section of the gridded interfacing and began with the window panes.  I am just using squares of 2 fabrics for the window panes.   Then I moved to the frame around the panes and the flower box.  Across the top of the panes and down the center,  I used 2 different fabrics of the same value and color.
  I decided on the approximate spot for the flower box, and used about 8 squares of a swirled fabric for it.   I blended from the flower box up to  and over the panes  with lots of colors and size patterns.    Last I have begun at the upper corners---very dark here--and will blend  across and down the sides. 
   It really helps to stop and take a photo to see what works and what doesn't.  Right off, I can see now that on the left, I lightened too quickly from the flower box.  That area I will rework to get rid of the hard line.  Second spot....right window pane bottom, the golden tan square has got to go.

  I am not exactly sure where I am going with this, or how large it will be.  I am taking  inspiration from a couple of photos of  English windows.  I will just see where it ends up.

Happy stitching.

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