Sunday, December 11, 2011

3, 2, 1....and 50?

No peeking, if you are family...I mean it.

Three carved Santas.  Discovered  at the bottom of the greenery box and not seen in a few years.  I feel like they are new.

Two finished gifts, labeled and bound.  Salvaged blocks are finished for son in law and his brother. 

And a completed prototype......a yarn spindle. 
  Sir Old Man has been busy on his list of  projects and this one is almost finished.    It is a 2 piece spindle--for the knitter in our life--- that turns as you pull the yarn from the skein.  I tested it out and it works great.  The top portion spins smoothly and the base is weighty enough to not tip over. 
  This week is baking time.....cookies, and breads.  And just maybe I will get the sewing room floor uncovered between batches of cookies.  What am I going to do with all these strings and scraps?  Probably a doll quilt or two!   Over at the HGTV Qulting Forum, I heard that Mrs. Santa from Texas has begun organizing a plan for next year's Get Your Mrs. Claus On already.  Their goal is to have a doll quilt from every state  to donate!   That's the 50!   What an amazing group they are. 


  1. Sir Old Man is a GENIUS! Love the yarn spindle!

  2. lovely post Debbie,good luck with all the baking

  3. I'll be baking cookies & making candy this week. I really have to keep an eye on the calendar or Christmas will come & go before I'm ready. This month is just buzzing by so fast!
    Sir Old Man has done a beautiful job on that yarn spindle.

  4. The santas are very cute, the timber of the spindle looks fabulous and yay for Mrs Claus getting ready for 2012 already! I'm not ready for Christmas 2011 yet!

  5. That spindle looks wonderful. Function and beauty. Almost wish I was a knitter so I could use something like that.
    I need to get baking this week, too--shortbread, breads and a pie or two.
    Doll quilts will abound for next year's project!

  6. p.s. I absolutely love the little carved Santas. Been looking for something like them around here.

  7. The Santas are cute and the spindle is great.

  8. I love the carved Santas, and your hubby outdid himself on the yarn spindle. It's both beautiful and functional.


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