Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Batches of cookies and a treasure

Seven batches of cookies fresh from the oven.  Oatmeal and fruit bars instead of fruit cake....which no one would eat, except Sir Old man and me.  The sugar cookies are our knitter's favorite.
Both of these ornaments were from Deana.....the dove she made in kindergarten when she as probably 4 or 5.  The knitted stocking she gave me a couple of years ago.  But the ornament that takes front and center every year on the tree, and the one she wishes I would lose is........
I have ornaments on the tree that are costly, hand blown glass, hand carved, and very beautiful.  But the humble one, simply made of felt,  grabs my heart every time.   Thank you, we love you. 
   Insight:  The dearest things in life are the simplest ones from the heart. 

I'm not always so sappy, sometimes I turn into the grinch during the holidays...especially when it is time to pull out all the "stuff".   I was so glad to realize someone gets this way too,  so if you missed this post at Butterfly quilting, go read it.  I needed to laugh at myself over this.
Tomorrow is bread baking day.  I'm off to the sewing room for a couple of hours to tame some scraps and start on strips for a coin quilt.  Happy stitching.


  1. I was hoping to make my long overdue puddings today but WM is home sick and it's probably not a good idea for DD and the grandsons to visit!

  2. Holiday baking... sounds like fun! I'm going to have to wait til school lets out for Christmas! Then... watch out... flour will be flying everywhere!

  3. Looks delicious! I've been making my shortbreads in holiday molds. Delivered them around the neighborhood last night. The ones filled with homemade strawberry jam or Nutella need to be eaten fresh.

  4. Debbie, your goodies look delicious. DH & (especially me) love, love, love fruitcake. We bought a small one at the grocery store last week & it was horrible. The bestest of the best come from Corsican, Texas!!! I made the beginnings of some chocolate balls today & now only have to dip them in the chocolate. My recipe made 212 little balls. There will be more baking next week.

    I can see why that ornament is your favorite. Your tree is filled with sweet memories.

  5. Opps, the fruitcakes come from Corsicana, Texas...YUM!


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