Friday, January 20, 2012

Fused mosaic technique

    What a great technique for a quick art project!  It is from Terri Stegmiller this month. She offers a great list of tutorials.
    I am doing a talk for the fiber art group next month in
Tryon .  I have the stack of journal challenge projects to show and hopefully inspire them.  And now this new little heart creation to also share.
  Hint:  All those small triangles and ends  that tend to accumulate from piecing and trimming are perfect for this.  I toss mine into a small bin to use as leaders and enders.  That's where most of this fabric was found.

   This heart is only 8" by 7" and trimmed out with a cotton lace edge.  The fabric bits and snips are fused directly to the batting, and over lapped just the smallest amount.  Then you stitch and stitch and stitch to hold everything down.  I did trim a few dog ears that over lapped first.  Careful stitching is required.....avoid getting the FMQ foot caught in the loose edges.  Ask me how I know.  I did not use a binding, just a length of cotton lace wrapped over the edge and a wide     zig-zag stitch to hold it down.    And I do believe  there is really more thread on this than fabric, but fun anyway!
      I knew the tissue box owl would be a hit for a few of you that love those critters, but what a lot of email I got about the inspiration. I heard from those who are checking the cabinets for tissue boxes, designs on napkins,  and  patterns on paper towels and so on.  Great be sure to share your hidden design finds with us.     I am working on a pattern, slightly enlarged, based on the owls.  Probably by Monday I will get it together to share.  
     Oh....and I wanted to share a link to a really good tutorial on cathedral windows by Shelia.  She is doing a lot of stash and UFO busting right now, but took the time to share this. I snatched her photo of her progress so far.   This technique is done partly by machine, takes lots of fabric, requires no batting,  and finishes as you go along.  Check it out.

Happy stitching.


shez said...

whow love the heart.xx

Janet O. said...

Once worked with a woman who was making a Cathedral Windows top. Those things are heavy!!

Shelia said...

Love the heart Debbie, thanks for the note about my tutorial. My first tutorial and I had fun. Trying to clean out these UFO's.

Chell said...

Already thinking about Valentine....good for you!! The heart is really sweet, but those small pieces?!?!

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