Monday, January 23, 2012

What a hoot....

 A cold and rainy afternoon just fit the bill for some experimenting....not the chemistry kind but the stitching type.  I worked up the owls into a line drawing for a pattern, which I traced onto fusible.  Then fabric and fast and not too picky.  Blue tones for one owl, and purple for the second.
And boxes of thread....cotton, and rayons, and polyesters.

I love the crazy eye fabric on this owl. I   took a little liberty with the leaf arrangement and spread them out some what, and extended the branch to reach the edge of the background.  I believe this one is a professor...note the puffed out chest on him.

  And this one is a  probably a cheer leader with the flirty wings and the scalloped shaped eyes.
  I put them both on a pieced background of odds and ends of fabric that worked together, and  covered all the edges with a zig zag stitch.  Not quite sure about the border/s yet, but I think the heart shape leaves will work for the quilting.

Experiment  results:    Relaxing, and really satisfying because I did not have mile high expectations.  Just some quirky time interpreting  photo / drawing  to fabric.  A time let my inner voice speak through the fabric.  

  So if you are interested in the line drawing pattern for these 2  .... here's the link to Owl patterns   .
Enjoy and send me a photo if you use them.
Happy stitching.


  1. I love the owls. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very cute owls. I love the personalities with which you have infused them. : )

  3. They came out wonderful! Thanks for the drawings.

  4. Ah, they look great! Love how you spread the leaves out & arranged it all! I agree--they seem to have those personalities!

  5. Wow! What fun!

    I did my first needle turn appliqué in my quilting class yesterday - can't wait to make a "real" block!

  6. Those little owls turned out so cute. I'm going to be looking for design opportunities every where I go. Thanks for sharing these with us!

  7. Too cute! These guys have so much personality.

  8. Wonderful and very fun! I printed out the owls and love what you did with them:)

  9. Hi, Debbie. Cooool owls! Like the way you used the fabrics, especially for the eyes. The pieced backgrounds work very well. Also liked your heart mosaic in the previous post.
    best, nadia

  10. Thanks for sharing your lovely owls.


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