Friday, March 23, 2012

Awakening I

   I have been paying the price for working in the yard this week with the allergy pollen headaches,  achy joints,  stuffy head,  and itching eyes and ears.  I love the renewal of Spring but hate the side effects that I get.
   So I stayed in for a couple of days and worked on a couple of small wall hangings.    I was not sure I liked this until I got it quilted.  I decided I did like the strong contrast of the dark to light at the top and bottom.   This is done on the gridded interfacing using 2" squares.  It is about 17" by 25" and quilted with a large meandering stitch.  
 I still have to finish up the binding, but I think it is a keeper.  I am calling it Awakening I.    That means II is in the works......

   I spied a garden visitor yesterday.  I looked out the front door and saw this turtle making its way across the walk to the flower bed.  (Ignore my weeds, I haven't gotten to the front beds yet!)   I bet it is a she and is looking for a spot to dig a nest.  A couple of years ago we uncovered one on the side under some shrubs.   Such a neat pattern on the shell....could be interesting to do one in thread painting.
   I am still stitching on the star struck variation at night.  I have about 9 blocks completed and about 7 more in various stages of piecing.  And a whole stack of HST pieces to turn into pinwheels.   But I will tackle those later.
Happy stitching.  


  1. Very pretty quilt! I too am an allergy sufferer. Pine pollen is at it's grandeur height right now and I have a headache, inflamed nose and overall tired feeling. Your quilt is the best way to enjoy the colors and blooms of Spring at the moment. Are you close to water? I guess I have always associated turtles with water.

  2. Lovely, lovely quilt... congratulations! Looking forward to Awakening II...

    The pollen is rough this year... even had to resort to my inhaler after taking some stuff out to the car... but big storms this weekend... bye bye pollen!

    *fingers crossed*

  3. That is a beautiful watercolor piece!
    I spent a couple of hours helping my 88-yr-old Dad in his yard today. It was kind of breezy and it started the sniffles for me.

  4. I really like the quilt. You do lovely work. We get lots of turtles here too. They tend to get trapped inside our yard fence...had to rescue one yesterday.

  5. Your watercolor quilt is very pretty. Some day I want to make another watercolor quilt.

    Your little yard guest is cute. I love the way you spot quilt patterns in everything you see. We live outside the city limits & get critters wandering around a lot.

  6. Debbie, your quilt is beautiful - I really love it.

  7. Lovely watercolor quilt! I know just how you feel when it comes to allergies. Thank goodness for allergy medicine!
    Enjoy your weekend,

  8. I love that quilt, it's so pretty and the contrast seems perfect. I know what you mean about the pollen, we have tissue boxes everywhere. How cool that you might have baby turtles, do you mind if she digs in your garden?

  9. Your quilt is fantastic.You did great job.!

  10. Your WC wallhanging looks great. Love your photo of your garden visitor.


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