Friday, March 2, 2012

Botanical fabric and fmq

  I love botanical fabric.  I'm not sure when or where I picked this one up.  I recently uncovered it in the stash closet.  Rather than cut it up....I just turned it into a couple of everyday placemats...and practiced a little free motion quilting.
   March's FMQ Challenge is with Ann Fahl.  She suggests making lots of placemats and table runners for practice and to develop some good basics like meandering loops and swirls and flowers.  Her suggestion of a notebook with drawings and etc. for fmq is one I began about a year ago.  I need to get it up to date, so that will be part of my challenge this month.
  Family arrives tonight, and we are doing a cookout tomorrow.  Of course with the weather as it is, we will probably be that called a cook-in?
Happy stitching.


  1. Very pretty! Nice job too! I haven't ventured towards this months' FMQ design yet. Maybe this weekend.

  2. Very pretty work, and I like the idea of making your practice piece be something you can enjoy.

  3. That is lovely fabric.
    You are so on-the-ball with your challenge already!!

  4. Debbie it looks great,well done.xx

  5. I love your FMQ'ing! It's gorgeous. Have a fun family cook-in. :o) Hope the weather isn't too bad.

  6. Your swirls are fantastic & they look perfect on that beautiful placemat.


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