Tuesday, March 6, 2012


   Family weekend  was fun, even if we were inside due to the wet weather.  I  remember playing hide and seek, when we were small.  So the young ones entertained themselves with a game for a while.   We might not have found Remy, if it were not for that foot.....
He is just the perfect size to slip under the quilts on the quilt ladder.


I wasn't able to decide on which of the Pat Sloan patterns to use for the sewing machine cover.....so I used parts of my favorite two.

Of course, I could not resist the cardinals.  This pair had to be on one side.   I love the patterns....big pieces for a change.  Not those half inch bits that get lost before I can fuse them.  Second good thing is a full size layout  that is included.

Here's a better photo of the quilting.
 I mixed up the quilting stitches by using close swirls and stacked teardrops on this side.

The other half of the cover is done with the pair of purple cone flowers.  I used mainly meandering loops---have to get back in practice---and a few leaves thrown in.  

The cover is really just a rectangle with straps ( hook and loop tape)  on  the side  to hold it in place.  With that high bar thread guide, I had to figure out a way to avoid it, and this works fine.  And I get two "views" this way.
Happy stitching.


  1. your sewing machine cover is outstanding!! you will really enjoy keeping it on....your stitching is also great...

  2. I love playing hide-and-seek with the grandbabies... won't be much longer before they won't want to do that... :(

    Great cover for your sewing machine... cool that you have two sides so you can change it up!

  3. Such a cute little "hider".
    Beautiful cover for your machine--the quilting looks great!

  4. Little Remy looks like he's enjoying himself at your home. He sure is a sweetheart!

    Your machine cover is fabulous. Those cardinals are sooooo pretty & I love their shape..so cute & plump. :) Your FM quilting is beautiful.

  5. Beautiful and your quilting too ! XXX

  6. Love your machine cover! Good job with the cardinals.


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