Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stash reducing and a quilt tale

  I promise I have been busy....just little I can show right now.  My evening stitching has been on the big blocks I gave the formula for earlier.  The pattern is from Bonnie Hunter's article in Quiltmaker from 2009. (The article is now a dead link.) Her version was done in tropical colors.
Click here for an earlier post on this with pattern shown in EQ5.    I do think this one would be great in batiks or a planned color way. This  is a variation of her Star Struck block.  Bonnie gave me permission to share my changes to the measurements for the sizes.
  I have 4 blocks ready to sew together, and about a dozen of the pinwheels done.  I need more large squares to complete the other strip sets I have sewn.
  This is  my "kitchen sink" method for fabric selection .....anything goes. It's not really a scrap quilt----more a multi-print quilt---because I am stash reducing for this one.     I have fabrics that have been hanging around too long, as well as fabrics given to me in huge trash bags from someone's clean out.  I have been cutting  anything less than a fat quarter  into strips and squares. I need to make some room in the drawer bins as I can barely get them closed.  I probably will end up with 2 of these to keep and one to give.  And it looks like I will have enough leftover short pieces for a rail fence quilt too.
  Quilt tale.....of a sort.
 I had a touching email this morning.  Thank you, Cassie, for sharing this link.  Check out the story of   An amazing quilter  from Texas who is blind and sews like she doesn't know it.   Her spirit and attitude are the best tribute to a full and rewarding life.
Happy stitching.  


  1. I used a similar block in a quilt that I made last fall and love to work with it. Stash reduction needs to take place here at my house, too!

  2. I love this pattern and have some blocks made from...years ! :(
    Yours will be beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous... I love scrappy quilts and this one is going to be oh so nice!

  4. Oh yes, I do love this pattern---I want to make one right now, too. :)

  5. That is going to be great, Debbie! xo

  6. Your blocks are really coming together nicely. I have way too many small, irregular pieces that I need to do something with. I'm thinking someday I will have to make a scrappy "something". Maybe I should start with some things like placemats, pot holders, thread catchers, etc.

    I saw the You Tube about Diane Rose from the Texas Country Report a couple of years ago & I was so totally inspired by her. I love her attitude...not to mention her quilts! Thanks for the link to her story.

  7. Debbie, the link you give to: Bonnie Hunter's article in Quiltmaker is a Dead you have a live one you can share? I really, really love this pattern and hope to use it soon!

  8. What a wonderful story - thanks for sharing it with us.


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