Thursday, May 31, 2012

Design wall / FMQ

   What have I done this week?  Upset the therapist for one thing by threatening to start driving this week, and then putting her into overdrive when I said I had done some machine quilting already!  She put me on the "stepper" to work off my aggression and stress.  Ha! Fooled her.  Wait till she hears I got on the stationary bike this morning!  This broken wing---day 41---is putting such a damper on me, but I did start a new project and do a little FMQ.... just to see if I could.
   Now this is not my usual style, and some blocks need rearranging, but it is a start!   These are the brick blocks for Deana. I need a few more of the hot pinks in there.
  My bricks will finish up at 12" by 6".  I am linking to Cat Patches  for the monthly start project party.  It could be a while before I can this one really handed, that is.

  I did mention FMQ, didn't I.  Yep, I worked on the last of the watercolors for the Awakening series.  I figured  it was small and I was just going to do large stippling, so maybe the left arm could just go along for the ride.  I mean the right hand could do the work.
   One of the exercises I do daily uses a pole / stick to carry the left hand and forearm  outward about 25 degrees.  In layman terms, that is about 3 inches out ward and to the left with the elbow at 90 degrees.  I am not to use the left arm muscles to move it, but let it move passively by the movement of the right arm.  So isn't that about the arrangement when we do FMQ?   I was careful to not put pressure on with the left hand/arm and just let it ride around as I quilted with the right hand doing the movement.  Lot more fun than pushing and pulling with a stick!!    I know I can't tackle anything large, but mug I come!

  Please note:   I have been scolded a bit.....I am not doing anything that will hurt or delay this.   But I  really need to be doing something so I do not end up in a padded room in 6 weeks...that's 6 more weeks of this.  The arm is supported and in a sling.....even on the stationary bike.

    I will be sharing the Awakening series  photos soon....thank you, Sir Old Man for taking some great shots.    And don't forget to VOTE at Bloggers Quilt Festival , as today is the last day.
Happy stitching.  


Impera_Magna said...

You are so naughty.... and I love it! I know you won't do anything to interfere with your progress but I totally understand your frustrations about current limitations.

Hang in there... quilt them mug rugs!!! This too shall pass!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, now I will be mother hen and scold - take time to heal! From someone who spent time in a coma and 6 yrs in a wheelchair - take time to heal and do what the dr./therapist says.

Barbara said...

Very pretty. I love the flowers. I'd like to try that some time.

Terri said...

My MIL always flaunted the PT, too, but she always had trouble with her hip, too. Take the PTs advice. You might be frustrated, but that will be in the past, if you heal up correctly.

Nicki said...

You are so bad! I bet your theapist needs counseling after she sees you each week! :) It sounds like your are progressing well but you better not overdo it.

Have you posted any of your Awakening series quilts before today? That's looking so pretty. I'm thinking (now mind you it's just in the "thinking" stage) about trying a little watercolor doll quilt. We will see how it goes later.

I voted at the Bloggers Quilt Festival a few days ago. There sure are some pretty quilts going on there.

Take care,

Kate said...

Love the colors in your brick quilt, very pretty. Hope you heal up quickly.

Dana Gaffney said...

I think you need the mental therapy as much as the physical. Go for it.

Lynne said...

You sound like you're being very sensible about it so, I say, go for it!

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