Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A few more little ones

It's a lovely rainy day, which we need badly.  So porch  photos of the new doll quilts that arrived are the order of the day.  ( Thank you, Sir Old Man for all your help hanging these precious gems.). These  came from Nicki and the gals at the HGTV message board on Monday.  What a blessing you all have been.

I hope you like viewing them because I love showing each one.  Such variety in styles and fabrics.    I love this bug fabric!  Hearts, pinwheels, strippy ones, whole cloth, and half square triangles.....all of the styles can be turned into the most darling small quilts.  At the bottom there is a tossed 9 patch even.

My darling daughter  came over on Saturday and did some modifications to a few tank tops for me.  By snipping open  the left shoulder seam  and adding snap tape, she created  a way for me to easily slip into them.  I think I surprised her when I let her use the pink snaps on the gray is so not me.  Thankfully she let me pick black for the purple one.   I'm just so happy to be able to dress myself now.  Thanks, Deana, just perfect. 
  PT went well on Monday.  It felt so wonderful to stretch and release the tight muscles.  My favorite was the pendulum reminds me of playing elephant as a child and letting the arm just hang like an elephant's trunk.  I have sore muscles but the pain is less over all....which means less pain medicine and that is a good thing.  The left arm doesn't "follow instructions" yet, but the wrist and fingers are working.  Typing is possible but no stitching yet.....but I am going to try some one hand strip sewing and see how that goes.   Happy stitching.


Impera_Magna said...

Lookit what you've started! You're going to have more quilts than you need come Christmas, Mrs. Claus!!!


Love the tank top conversions and am glad that you're doing better... hope that trend continues!

Nicki said...

Your daughter is so sweet to come & help you with your wardrobe. It looks like she did a very clever & good job on the tank tops. You be careful with that one handed sewing...we don't want any fingers to get in the way of the needle.

I love the display of the little quilts. Tell your Knight in Shining Armour that he did good in hanging them for you.

Mary said...

What a neat collection of doll quilts, and I am so very glad you are getting better. We are getting rain too.

Janet O. said...

You will be swimming in quilts by Christmas!!
Good of your daughter to make your life a little easier. Wishing you a smooth recovery!

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