Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More mail...and news

From Marge, Mrs. Claus in Canada,  comes this precious doll quilt.  I was as excited to see it as she was to send it.  She used a variegated thread for machine quilting that picks up all the bright colors.  I love it. 
Thank you  so much. 

Then  a whole box of doll quilts arrived sent by Nicki from the HGTV message board group.  Four of these quilts were made by Mrs. Claus in Connecticut.  She took the tops and batting and backing to a group of senior ladies near by that wanted to help.  They tied the little dolls quilts.....thank you, ladies for your wonderful help in this project.    Also in the box was a wonderful array of techniques.....string piecing, and 4 patch blocks, 9 patch blocks, a panel top, and the cutest hand embroidered giraffe, hand quilted and machine quilted.  I will post the photos on Flickr when the site will let me was giving me huge fits today and would not take anything.
Are you ready for some news on me?  Hold on to your needles......No Surgery Required  at this time!  That is the official statement from the doctor after viewing the CT scan.  His direct comment was...."Well, this shoulder looks a whole lot better on the CT than on the x-ray."   He feels there would be no added benefit in surgery for me----factoring in age, time for healing, the additional stiffness and therapy needed would be prolonged.  The "displaced bones"  on the x-ray are  less than 1/4 inch lower than they should be.  The other bone thought to be a fragment or jagged is where it should be. 
  Huh?   Knock me right over, doc!  I  think I experienced a miracle /pivotal moment right then.   The 1/4 inch --like scant 1/4 " seam allowance---was a sure sign to me that the arm--and machine-- will soon be humming and sewing.   I will begin PT on Monday.   I feel the pain of it already but know it is required.    Thank you all again and again for the cards, emails and prayers.  I am doing a happy dance in my soul.


  1. No surgery = fantastic news!

    *doing a happy dance for you*

  2. Your good news from the Dr. was a wonderful answer to prayers. I've never had it but I understand PT is so very, very important to getting back range of motion, etc. I'm so glad you don't have to have surgery.

    That little doll quilt from Canada is just beautiful. I don't use floral fabric as much as I should because everytime I see something with floras I just ohhh & ahhhh all over the place. I never thought I was a floral person until I made my one & only watercolor quilt. It's been my favorite of everything I've ever made.

    I learn something from each little doll quilt that comes my way. The HGTV message board ladies are having fun making them.

  3. That is excellent news! So glad you don't have to undergo the surgery.

    Love the floral border on the cute doll quilt from Canada.

    Teresa F.
    (A Mrs. Claus)

  4. Beautiful little quilts, Debbie--and, oh, such happy news for you!

  5. Maybe STitchin Therapy is what we all need instead of Physio Therapy.What great news.Great little quilts.

  6. Great news.Love those mini quilt!

  7. I'm happy dancing with you, what wonderful news! You'll need to ask your therapist if quilting can be considered therapy. Congratulations.

  8. YAY!! Now be a good girl and do every bit of PT you're told to do! (The dh has had two knee surgeries--former baseball catcher--and he's just learned how necessary it is!) Hang in there!

  9. Happy news! I'm just a bit worried or something. Even if it is "only" a quarter inch (and I do appreciate the irony) I'm concerned that the bones should heal before PT. Moving bones would just grate against each other... wouldn't they? (I'm sorry that this is just common sense talk... I'm not a nurse or doctor.) Please ask about this before you go moving too soon.

  10. Woo Hoo! Good news! It's always good new to hear you can avoid surgery.

  11. That's good news Debbie. You'll be good as new before you know it.


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