Saturday, May 5, 2012

Still on the design wall

 May is usually the garden month around here....gardens in bloom and garden tours.   So many wonderful  garden design ideas have found their way into our own garden from tours we have been on in the past.  I have a file folder of great photos to spark my imagination.  One year arbors were featured in the tour.  Some offered a quiet place to sit and view an area, others beckoned with a path to courtyards and fountains. 
 I  selected this photo as a starting inspiration of a water color I began last month.  I had just finished up sewing the rows together  BF--before my  fall.  And I have been staring at it on the design wall for the last couple of weeks trying to decide what else I needed to do with it besides just adding a border.    Maybe tulips or roses that I can thread paint and applique ---letting the blooms and leaves extend into the border.   Maybe some thread sketching along the fence posts as a vine.   I think I will just try sketching a couple of ideas for I can't do ant stitching for a while.
Don't forget.......Amy's creative side   is hosting the Bloggers' Quilt Festival again in a couple of weeks.
I love viewing all the great quilts and projects that bloggers share during the festival.    Got your entry  planned yet?  
Happy stitching.


  1. I love the fence incorporated into the watercolor quilt. Very clever.
    This is only my second year of reading blogs, hence my second year of the Blogger's Quilt Festival and I am a spectator only kinda gal! : )

  2. If it was mine I would add one more row of squares all the way around in larger florals to give the center depth. that said, however, it is beautiful just as it is. It's hard to know when to quit on a watercolor.

  3. Oh, so lovely.... the "gate" pulls you forward...

  4. I love it, Debbie! So beautiful.. the thread sketching and applique will look amazing, I'm sure. Can't wait to see it done. Sorry you fell. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  5. So interesting to see the inpspiration photo turn into a quilt. I have a pic in mind but it's so detailed I'm not sure it's the best choice for a first run at a watercolor quilt. Of course, that probably won't stop me--and I think, with a little work, I can get it "tamed" down. Just putting it on the "to do" list!

  6. Debbie, it's great for me to see how your use your inspiration and make it into a quilt. That fence its great. The thread painting will be such an interesting addition; can't wait to see that.

    This is the first I've checked in for awhile and I'm belated at wishing you recovery from your fall. Hope you are back to stitching soon and that the PT goes well in gaining full use again!

  7. That new watercolor quilt you are working on is very pretty. I agree that some thread painting on the fence would add a beautiful touch to the quilt. You are so talented with these WC quilts & I love how your imagination just takes over when you see a picture.

  8. It's gorgeous!! I look forward to seeing what you will be adding - not that it need anything.


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