Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dinner guests

We spotted a visitor in the back yard just about dinner time.  She was just calmly nibbling away under the Maple tree by the garden shed.  

Oops!   I think I made too much noise trying to slip out onto the path the take a photo.

And a small friend watched the whole thing and enjoyed a few greens.
The heat and humidity have set in on us for the next week.  Stay cool and sew.  Happy stitching.


  1. They are such beautiful animals. I have two doe - each having twins - so the 4 babes, all come feed along the north side of the house every morning. I know they are waiting on my apples!

  2. I will try to stay warm with a forecast overnight temperature of just 3*C (37*F)! It is supposed to be sunny and relatively warm during the day.

    Love your cute visitors - rabbits are an introduced pest here; the only deer are in zoos or on farms.

  3. Love the wildlife photos! Deer are such pretty animals.

  4. They are beautiful, and I love them, BUT right now those two are on my "go away" list! The bunnies do a lot of damage in my garden, and to my flowers--right now we're just co-existing tho! LOL It's been years, but I've seen a deer around here twice in the last couple weeks. Her prints go right toward my garden (then disappear in the driveway)--as much as I love to see her, I'm so so so afraid she'll hit the jackpot out there!

  5. So pretty, I know people say they're pests, but I would love to see one in my yard. I keep thinking of you, when they named the latest storm Debby, I thought it would head right for you, LOL.

  6. Your visitors are so sweet. We don't get deer here but we do see rabbits out in our field pretty often. The visitors we get most is opposums & squirrels. Our squirrel population has about trippled this past spring. :) I saw 8 playing together in the back yard at once last weekend. I love wild critters!


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