Sunday, June 24, 2012

You have to squint....

  Day 65---Slightly stiff  today...probably the heat and humidity.  I am looking forward to PT this week so they can manipulate and relax some of those muscles around the rotor cuff that are frozen.
    I managed a little sewing over the last couple of days.  So I have 3 runs completed and have 3 more stacked up to sew of the floral braid.  This is just a temporary arrangement until I get the rest done and then I will play with the runs and see what happens.  You have to squint or stand back a bit to get the real blended effect.  
The braid is about 30 inches long, so this will be a small one.   I will finish off the points with triangles.  

 Have you noticed or seen the Winter Olympic banners?   I am intrigued by them....blending and bold colors.  Good inspiration here,  maybe a couple of seasonal banners based on them?  Not sure, still playing around with this in my head.  My first impression was 1000 pyramids , but not in various sizes, a piecing nightmare!   But I bet we will be seeing quilts inspired by them all over soon.
Happy stitching.


  1. Very pretty - and yes, those banners are sure to inspire some quilts.

  2. I wasn't sure how the braid was going to look in colorwash and it is really attractive.

  3. I hope the PT is a positive and helpful experience for you.

    Those Olympic banners are beautiful.

  4. That braid quilt is going to be beautiful. You just have a natural way with blending colors so beautifully.

    Oh, those olympic banners are beautiful. I bet a quilter designed them. ;)


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