Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Day 75

   Yes, Day 75 for me....I woke up for the first time in 75 days with no pain.  When I said a cheerful  "Good Morning" to Sir Old Man, he was  a little stunned and it took a few seconds to register the tone of my voice. Very appropriate  that it lands on Independence Day--our mid-summer 4th of July--for me.  I do believe I will regain some of that independence  for myself soon.  To celebrate, I sewed this morning.
      I finished off a couple of string pieced mug rugs. Just using lots of bits and pieces of floral fabrics sewn to a muslin base. No plan to them, I used what was next in the pile of strings.
     Next I went to the design wall and tackled the last 2 braid runs of floral fabrics.   Then I put together 3 of them to see what would happen.

     Once I got them stitched together, I realized how reminiscent this one is to "Comings and Goings"  journal quilt project.  The journal quilt was done with squares, and this is done with the braid strips, but visually very much alike.  I seem to have a one track mind with this design.
   Technique hint:    Each braid is cut 2 3/4" from the center point to the sure to spray starch before cutting to help stabilize the bias edges that will be created.  Sew immediately....cut, sew, then cut the next one.  Only cut the side you will be sewing.
    I added a link in the side bar for my daughter's new etsy shop, PodBelu.  She is back to making her PodBeLu bags for small knitting projects.  Some bags are quilted and others are up-cycled wool sweaters that she felts and sews.   And she is adding lavender sachets for tucking into your woolen you know why I harvested so much lavender.  Pop over and check it out, please, for Mom's sake.

   Now that I have had fun sewing, it is time to exercise with the beach ball and stick.  What a way to celebrate the 4th.  Hope yours is happy.
Happy stitching.  


Impera_Magna said...

Hoorah! ...for waking up with NO PAIN!!! How wonderful! I'm so glad for you!

Happy July 4th!

Mary said...

So happy to hear you're much better! Your mug rugs and braid runs are beautifull to.

SeeingStars said...

So glad you're feeling well enough to sew and No pain! Woohoo! Your attitude thru this healing has been amazing. Way to go. :) It's nice to see those doll quilts piling up too. I saw a couple of mine in the HGTV shot.

Dana Gaffney said...

Wonderful news! I'm smiling for you. The sewing looks beautiful, thanks for showing the braid, I really wondered what that would look like, beautiful.

Barbara said...

That's very good news! And your sewing is gorgeous.

Lynne said...

Hurrah for no pain days!

I agree that the braid quilt is very similar to Comings and Goings. You must subconsciously really like that style!

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