Friday, March 11, 2011

Watercolor journal quilt

Watercolor--what a surprise!  Since my journal quilts are a collection of different techniques, one of these had to be included.  This was an unfinished piece that I used in classes to show blending and how to reverse the color wash effect.  I always thought of it as "coming and going".    I like the way the middle portion just flows across the piece, and then takes off in different directions. 
   This piece was already fused and just needed the rows sewn.  It is larger than the rest of the journals.  This one is 15" by 21"---small wall hanging or place mat, maybe?   I had to really piece a lot of left over binding strips together to get enough to finish this off.    The good news:  My bag of  scrap bindings is almost empty.... only short pieces left.     So "watercolor" this one done.

  Got any journal quilt ideas?  I have a few more technique ideas to try----circles (which I usually avoid), using photographs, collage fused, just strings and strips, painted or stamped---and I'm open to more.
Please share your ideas with me, as they may give me a light bulb moment....happy stitching.

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Exuberant Color said...

I'm always searching for an idea too, right up to the last minute. I did colorwash this week too, will post tomorrow morning. I think using up our leftovers is a good idea. Mine incorporates a sample I used when I taught the classes. I hate to throw them away, and I don't want to make potholders out of them, LOL!

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