Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One thing leads to another

     It all began when I  realized that the overhead light was causing too many shadows when I sewed., it was my head that was causing the shadows as I sewed.  So I wanted to change around the sewing / cutting  tables.  This was discussed with Sir Old Man, who kindly agreed to move things.  I mean did he really have a choice?  He also suggested I go ahead and order the light kit for the LED lights that go under the machine neck....sounded good to me!
    Moving the tables sounds easy, but it is what resides/hides/lives and breeds under the table that causes nightmares!  At least for me.  I am sure no one else is guilty of "stuffing" things the way I do.  I decided to wait a while before we tackled the issue.  So instead I asked Sir Old Man if he had any empty parts bins in the shop that I could use to corral my strings into color families for the string quilt.  He kindly shared 4 from the shop....but wait, I have more colors with which to  work. to Northern Tool---one of his favorite haunts---for parts bins.   Luckily the bins were on sale, and he added a few more for the shop.

Looking in to the closet  

   I needed to move a shelf---out of the closet, it was too cramped anyway---- to hold the bins.....and to move the shelf,   I had to unload the fabric from it.  Now, the picture should be much clearer......first find a place for the fabric, then move the shelf, then load the bins, then load the bins with strings and strips!  Please note that these are after way was I showing the before or during!!

  Note:    I store my fabric of a yard or more  on mini-bolts with  foam core board as the center.    I collect the yard signs after elections, wash them off, and cut to the size  I want!   I realize I lose some space with the foam core, but I fold fabric once, roll it onto the board, and it is done.
I also use it as a base under the bolts so they do not slip through the wire grid shelf.   Some bolts are in milk crate bins.

Closet inside view from the doorway.

   The closet had to be re-arranged once again.  But 98% of my fabric is in there.     This part of the redo was needed, as it had been at least 2 years since I straightened things up.   The flat bins and drawers hold smaller cuts and I sort them by color family mainly.  
    I am so grateful / fortunate to have a separate sewing room and closet that is still full of fabric.  I need to quit "hoarding" so much and  use up more!

The sewing space: 
From the door into sewing space.  
 The sewing and cutting tables were shifted  in the center of the room.  The sewing machine had been where the cutting table is now.
    And sacrifices had to be made.....4 bags worth of old fabrics from garment making days  went to donation center this morning.   It was time to free up some space and I feel better for it.

   Right behind my chair is the ironing board....and those bins that helped start all this are right there too.  I also stacked all the thread containers there too.  So nice to have things together and in one place.

    When I need more support by the machine when I am machine quilting a "biggie",  I can easily swing the ironing board around and use it for support.
   The bookcases have been dusted, and books sorted and put back in some semblance of order.
   Two full days and I believe I need some stitching time.....maybe tomorrow.  I need to try out the new light set that just arrived.
  Hope you enjoyed the peek into my stitching realm......happy stitching.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Nice work! I do this occassionally, but then you drag half of it out again! Especially when I am paper piecing-what a mess.

Impera_Magna said...

Very nice... a lot of work but everything looks great! And you've become reacquainted with stuff again... great job!

Angie said...

Sounds fabulous---love those bins from Northern Tool---hmmm, good idea to hang on to. :) Now, could you run over and do mine???? :D

Nicki said...

Wow! What a wonderful acomplishment. I have a sewing room all to myself too but the closet has to be shared w/some of DH's "stuff" so I can't organize it like I would want to. However, if I did some re-arranging in it, I bet I could make more space for my stuff...something to be thinking about.

Cheryl said...

Your sewing room looks so nice ! I think I can relate to the mess you had before the change,I have tried so many times to straighten it up, when I do get it the way I want it, then start another project I am right back to the mess again! LOL
The only problem with my sewing space is I have to share it with my bedroom,I would love to get more shelving, that would really help and I like the bin idea too. Good Job!

Sheila said...

You are so organized! Lots of beautiful fabrics, too.

Lynne said...

That was really fun - thank you for sharing your "new and improved" sewing space with us!

Dana Gaffney said...

Wow, that looks really good. The stop hoarding and use up fabric sounds good, but I've been trying to do that for a year now and it doesn't seem to help, I'm not sure what my fabric is doing alone in the dark, but I can't seem to make a dent. Oh well, a life not surrounded with too much fabric isn't much of a life.

Mary said...

I always rediscover treasures I had forgotten when I go through this process. Your space is looking great and I would like to hear more about the light you ordered.

Debbie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barbara said...

Wow. Look at you go! I'm going to need to do this to make way for all the fabric I bought recently.

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