Saturday, September 22, 2012

Photo practice

  After running a couple of errands this morning, I thought I would try for a few photos.  This is one I finished up for my daughter, who said the blocks---rectangles---reminded her of kleenex boxes.
   I found some deep shade in the front yard for a long view.

  I used a large print fabric for the backing and added a computer label complete with cardinal.

A closer shot and less angle.

   I just used wavy line quilting on this, so no good close up on that.  The light is stronger in the back yard....but you can see why I call this one, Mod Boxes.   I think the photos give a lot more interest to this very simple block quilt.  And I need to try some late afternoon shots for better details.  Count this as another learning lesson.  Feel free to share  your thoughts on the photos....just be gentle with me  :o)
  Happy stitching.


  1. Very nice... the different views allow one to study the quilt. Love your cardinal on the label... I have yet to try making a computer label for a quilt... will have to give it a try on the next one!

  2. I can see why your daughter think of tissue boxes! It is a lovely, simple but effective design.

  3. I think you did a great job with the pictures of the beautiful quilt. I especially like the one on the wrought iron fence. Of course I love, love, love your quilt labels!

  4. I love this quilt! What size are your blocks?

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