Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bits and pieces

   This luscious haul of fabric has been waiting for me to enjoy.   The beige  and  neutrals are to restock my greatly reduced stash for backgrounds and the blues and purple just jumped into my cart.   I wonder how they would work in that delectable mountain quilt I saw today?
  Today's class was full---absolutely twice what I expected.  It was fun, I was exhausted, and the gals  have lots of homework to do for the next 2 weeks. That should give me time to rest up for round 2.

Interested in a quilt  along?  Over at Impera magna's blog---aka Freda ---there is a Disappearing 9 Patch starting up.   She's been talking colors and making plans, so check it out soon.  Things will start rolling soon as her machine comes back home from the " hospital."    Do drop by and offer get well wishes, too.  

I haven't forgotten the endless feather instructions.....I hope to get some step by step info posted in the next couple of days.   One more day of life interfering and I should be able to get to it.

     I got the table runner bound....so I have a finish this month.  So no excuses....I will be piecing at least 2 more blocks tomorrow for the Easy Street mystery.  I made the mistakes (or not) of dropping by Quiltville and saw how many tops were completed already.  I mean  some people have not slept or eaten to finish this one up!   It is great to see all the color variations, and  get motivated to finish this top this month.    Then, and only then can I start something new and dig / cut  into that luscious new fabric.  That's my plan and I hope I can stick to it.  Happy stitching.  


Nicki said...

Oh, your new fabrics are soooo pretty. I need to go shopping.
It sounds like everyone wants to learn FM quilting from you. I just know they will learn so much from you in the class because you are so encouraging & patient. What did they learn in their first class? I need to make another doll quilt & practice on it.

Janet O. said...

Very pretty haul, Debbie.
Can you believe how many people are finished with Easy Street? I am just finishing step one--I just started last weekend, but still, I will never be finished in so little time as so many others have done.
Looking forward to your feather instructions!

Lynne said...

Ah, so the mystery is no longer a mystery!

What a great response to your class -- I'm sure they all had a wonderful time!

Mary said...

Wow you are busy and the fabrics really are luscious!

Cathi said...

Those area some beautiful fabrics -- the blues are lovely.

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