Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Looking for inspiration?

Keep the Heart Truth Growing Wallhanging
From Janome by Jane Spolar
  I was browsing through a few blogs early this morning.  One that I love to visit is Quilt inspiration .   This morning  there was a post with a heart theme and links to a huge variety of heart and valentine quilts / projects.   It's a great place to visit when you need a dose of inspiration or motivation to start a new project.

  This one captured my eye.  It is from the Janome site---how did I miss this?--by Jane Spolar.    Guess what I grabbed because it was calling my name?   I need a NewFO for this month anyway  ;)

   Notice the new button on the top sidebar for the Golden Quilter Award for 2013?   It is happening at SewCalGal's blog.   The nominations  are beginning now.  So be sure to nominate your favorites.....and to enter in the drawing for lots of prizes for nominating and voting.  

  Mystery countdown......2 more done.  I'm getting there!  Happy stitching.


  1. Your home is going to sparkle with romance this Feb! Another pretty one you've begun. A NewFU! Ha ha ha!

  2. Yes, that heart quilt does have your name written all over it. I am anxious to see your version.

  3. Thanks! So much inspiration over there, it looks like I may have a heart quilt in my future.

  4. Right now I think it is safer to avoid sources of more "inspiration". *LOL* I am getting buried under projects already and it is only January!
    That is such a cute little Valentine piece. It is tempting to just take a peek...

  5. This is a beautiful quilt!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie


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