Sunday, January 13, 2013

Update to Easy Street

  I have to admit I loved the comments from yesterday....they made me giggle a lot.  I am not brave---stubborn  and flighty at times---and I am not that organized---I tend to work in whirlwind fashion and then collapse!   I do get more accomplished than some people because I can focus, really zero in on something, to the total exclusion of everything else.
    I also multi-task.  That was part of our training when I was in Med Tech school many long years ago.  We were taught to work in segments of time.  Ten minutes to wait, then do this....don't waste time watching the machine do its thing.  So taking on one more item like Project Quilting is a small task that will fill in between something big.  I really do miss the Journal Quilt challenge, as I learned so much doing it.

  The something big  right now is Easy Street Mystery.  Believe me, it is not easy sailing.  You must be alert and watch how the pieces are set out.  It is easy to make mistakes rolling down easy street!  Those pesky little 4 patches like to twist around in funny ways.  Repeat after me, "The seam ripper is my friend".
   The corner and first diagonal row are sewn together.  I need another #1 block to complete the next row.   So I am just about half way to my goal of completing the top for this month.  I am being the turtle completing this one as I hate ripping things out.
   Happy stitching.


  1. I had to laugh when I read about you and your seam ripper. Me & my ripper are never leaves my side. The gals on my quilting board know all about me & my friendly ripper. I think I can rip out faster than I can sew. ;)

    Your Easy Street Quilt is coming together nicely. I like your color combination.

  2. I'm like you Debbie, multi-tasking and focus......small projects and of course some big quilts. Your Easy Street looks beautiful, I laid my blocks out on the floor to keep the rotation right.

  3. I lay out a block at a time on a design board, carry it to my machine, and hope I don't mess it up from there. : )
    Easy Street looks great, Debbie!

  4. Are yes, I am a multi-tasker myself! That's what makes knitting such a great project, easy to pick up and put down and nearly always ready to go!

    Your Easy Street blocks are coming together nicely.

  5. I still haven't even cut out clue 6 yet.........draggin my feet. Yours looks fantastic though.

  6. The fabrics/colors for your Easy Street are lovely... great combo!

    I use sewing as a "carrot" to get chores done... start the laundry, sew, move wet clothes to dryer, start next load, sew, etc. Surprising how much you can get done...


  7. Love the use of yellow in your Easy Street! Such q pretty layout and quilt... I'm going to miss seeing them all over the place.


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