Monday, May 20, 2013

Dual projects in wood and fiber

Note the resemblance between the photos.  Only now I realize my "saw blades" are going in reverse......:(   Too late now!

   This is referred to as a carcass in wood shop worker terms.   This project is lying on its side, with the base in the foreground.  Seven panels cut and assembled so far.   This other side looks the same so far......

   Four of the six blocks assembled so far.  I have a dozen of the main blocks to do.  The remaining sections border the full blocks.
     So you know what my project is, what do you think Sir Old Man is up to?

Don't forget the Blogger's Quilt Festival going on at Amy's Creative Side.  Nominations for your favorite quilt are being taken right now.  Enjoy the quilts and projects, and then vote for your favorite overall.  
Happy stitching.


  1. I hope it is for your quilting room! My dad used to do wood projects... how I wish he hadn't lost interest. Your blocks are looking great.

  2. Walk around to the other side of the saw. Now look--Ah! Your blocks are going the the same direction as the saw!

    1. Oh, Gene, I am laughing at myself over this one!

  3. Fun post! Love the comparison projects!

  4. Is that for your new machine? Do you have your new machine? It looks like you'll have a lot of storage, yeah!


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