Saturday, May 4, 2013

Some layout ideas for string quilts

   The lowly string quilt can take on so many varied looks.  It can be done in squares, and rectangles, or diamond shapes.  The block can be made to mimic a log cabin (half light, half dark) and be set in the multiple log cabin layouts.  It can be a solid block of strings or a partial and open up a whole new world of layouts.  Here's just a small sampling of what I have seen.

   I am getting ready to start a smaller version of this string quilt for me.  It's just a great quilt when you need a color fix or a day brightener...and I have a mountain of strings that I want to use.    The tutorial for the construction can be found here.   A printable photo of the layout out is here.

  So what if you are  not into bold or bright?  Change the palette and use softer values of the colors and a white strip instead of black.  Here's a version done with white.  
Shabby Strings from asimplelifequilts

  I fell in love with the Shabby Strings that Deb at asimplelifequilts made.  Lots of low contrast floral print fabrics soften the mood and create such a beautiful quilt.

Shabby Strings: closer view

The strings are sewn on the diagonal without the dividing stripe to break up the block.   The closer view photos shows the blocks before joining.
Thanks, Deb, for allowing me to share this quilt here.

Here's another version  I ran across too.

Butterfly Strands
From  FreshLemons

   This  modern version  uses part strings mixed with a solid block.   A very cute updated look.  I see butterfly wings in a blue sky maybe  in my future!    Here's the tutorial for this quilt at freshlemons blog.  

  After looking at lots of photos, books, and blogs
 I collected lots of "pins"  of strings.....
Click to see the album of different string quilts on Pinterest.   Maybe you will find something to delight you and inspire you to stitch up some stash.

 Happy stitching.  


Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

You are so welcome Debbie! I can't wait to get it bound this month.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Gtreat pin board of strings - really love the low volumn idea.

sew.darn.quilt said...

The black borders really make the colours pop and I think the last sample from Fresh Lemons is extraordinary. Thank you for sharing these beauties :)

Dana Gaffney said...

I love that Shabby Strings quilt, mine are always over the top bright, that one is so subtle.

Gene Black said...

I love string quilts, but I keep making other things. I feel like I have to "try it all"

Nicki said...

String quilts are pretty but they've always done wierd things to my eyes. I think it's because so many use various widths of strings in their blocks & it sort of gives it the "fractured" look. Now that modern version with the solid block is more up my alley. Thanks for sharing all these lovlies with us.

Lynne said...

Wow! So many variations on a theme -- and all so different too!

Rose Best said...

such pretty colours

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