Sunday, May 26, 2013

More snack mats

    These snack mats are like potato chips......addictive!    I put together a few more before we left.  This pair has the strings running  in the the other direction along the length of the mat.  Some of the pieces were too short  :(     That's OK....I just over-lapped them and secured the end with a bit of glue stick.  That held them in place until I could stitch it all down.    If you look close at this photo you can see a couple of overlaps.....the yellow strip at the top and the second strip from the bottom.    I was careful in stitching the parallel lines to catch the ends and secure them.  

Some more wild fabric on the back.
Ready for lunch?   Have fun.  
Happy stitching.


  1. They looks so fresh and interesting much nicer than shop bought and commercial.

  2. What a great stash buster! I love the idea of overlapping the pieces - your quilting makes the mats much more interesting! Great job! ~Jeanne

  3. They are great! Beautiful colors. Love batiks. What are their dimensions, Debbie?

  4. WOW...colorwash snack mats. You are so clever & they are so pretty.

  5. Oh... very nice! Love the parallel quilting! Hmmm... giving me an idea...



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