Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Saw blades and Southern favorites

   One afternoon devoted to assembly, pressing and trimming, and I have all the saw blades sections pieced for the buzz saw!  Yay!!!  Now the fun of playing with the colors can begin.    I had been taking my time with these and I was beginning to get bored.  And boredom leads to UFOs, so I went all out and got it done.

I ended up with a pile of tiny strips from the batik strips from the jelly roll stacks.  I thought a little fun would be in order.  Or maybe I am just a bit insane for playing with these.......:)   Nothing is sewn, just fused so far.  I had a piece of batting that was about 9 by 12 inches that already had fusible applied to it.  So I merely laid out the slivers and bits on it, covered with pressing sheet and fused them down.  I will add a backing and do lots of straight line quilting to hold everything down.  I've seen Wanda at Exuberantcolor do this and hers always look so neat.  

   I'm beginning to plan for our trip to Michigan next week.  I made a run to the grocery store for 2 special requests.    What would you expect a pair raised in the South to miss the most?  
  Cheerwine and Duke's Mayo, of course!  We took cases of Cheerwine---nothing else like it--- to Deana when she was in Philly, and now we will deliver them to Michigan.  And Trey is in withdrawal without Duke's for his sandwiches.  It is distinctive and actually made about 5 miles from here.   Nothing like bringing a little taste of home with you.  
   We are traveling Interstate 75 most of the way.....any special places we should plan on stopping to see or great places to eat?  I would appreciate some tips thru Kentucky and Ohio.  

Spring Blogger's Quilt Festival - AmysCreativeSide.com   I had almost forgotten about the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  Amy has a short post about the new categories and changes she has made for entries.    So check it out and line up your entry.  

Happy stitching.


Janet O. said...

I look forward to seeing your buzz saw as you get it assembled. Love what you have done with the trimmings!

Lynne said...

I like what you did with the trimmings but won't the raw edges fray?

Have a lovely trip -- I'm sure you will enjoy the catch-up!

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